Though haunted by ghosts from his past, Garth has managed to make a life for himself in the small Louisiana town of Lake City. He was brought there from Detroit after a tragic event that left him orphaned. His rescuer, Mother Hubbard and his mentor-turned-father, Peter, have become the family he lost.

Enter Reagan, a new DNR agent from Michigan, who comes on special assignment to Lake City and quickly captures his heart.

Shortly after her arrival, an unwelcome group of visitors take up residence in Lake City and upset the balance of the peaceful little community. As Peter, Garth and Reagan work to expose the illegal activities of the group, Garth realizes that there is an uncomfortable connection between what they are doing and his past.

Are the people he has trusted for so long really who they claim to be? Can he trust this woman he has fallen in love with? Who are these people who have invaded his community and seem somehow connected to the events that transpired before he was torn from his family?

Follow this action-packed and often deadly journey through the bayou, all the way up to Detroit and back again. Along the way you will discover the strength of love, the power of redemption and the ability ordinary people still have to make a difference.

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